Fun business planning activities for young

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15 Fun Winter Ice Activities for Preschoolers

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Activities such as instrument exploration, songs and movement to music are designed to provide a positive musical experience for both parents and young children. Bees' Circus offers a unique service in that there is no other program like it in the city of Monroe.

Teacher Classroom Resources. “Ethical Behavior IS Good Business” – A look into ethics and its benefits in business decision-making “Planning for Reducing Risks We want to hear about your creative activities for the entrepreneurship classroom and share it.

These activities are not only to entertain the children but to help them learn through sensory play and lots of fun "hands on" activities.

Enjoy the activities with your group. We have worked very hard on getting the curriculum put together. Kelsey teaches “Computing for College and Career” and “Business Leadership Skills” to eighth graders at Parkway Middle School. She makes sure to mix the career exploration and other career readiness focused content into her standard lessons.

Depending on the demographics of your community, you could tap into the young professional market with some new and trendy offerings. To help you understand what young professionals are looking for, here is a list of activities that are currently trendy in the 20 – 30 year old range.

Fun business planning activities for young
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