Hostgator business plan dedicated ip vpn

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The Best Small Business Web Hosting

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BlueHost vs HostGator- Which is the better web hosting provider?

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Aug 25,  · The top of the line shared hosting package, the Business Plan, includes unlimited domains, sub domains and parked domains as well as a private SSL and a dedicated IP as well as a toll free number.

All of these plans include unlimited data transfer and disk storage space as well as third part shopping cart and e-mail autoresponder applications.

Hatchling, Baby, and Business plans are eligible for a dedicated IP. To purchase a dedicated IP address for a shared plan, please contact us via phone or Live Chat. Dedicated IPs for Windows Shared Hosting. Windows Shared hosting accounts have a limit of one (1) dedicated IP address per account.

If you choose to use a dedicated IP. In all black friday hosting deals hostgator black friday deals are FAVORITE one.

Bluehost versus eHost versus HostGator

Even I will buy hostgator Business plan for mu another project. In this black friday and cyber monday weekend hostgator offering 60% 75% off on their share hosting services.

Most people will have to pay for this service (SiteGround charges $30 a year just for dedicated IP!) so to get it for free from HostGator’s Business plan is HUGE! There’s actually a ton of benefits that dedicated IP brings to the table but we’ll be covering that in another article in the near future.

Cyber Monday Discount

The HostGator Business Plan offers a more comprehensive security suite with a free private SSL and IP. Available email features include SMTP, IMAP Support, SpamAssassin, mail forwarding, auto responders, email alias, and webmail. The Business plan, HostGator's flagship shared hosting offering, allows users to host unlimited websites and includes a free private SSL certificate and dedicated IP address as well as unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Hostgator business plan dedicated ip vpn
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The Best Small Business Web Hosting