Information broker business plan

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Business Continuity and Other Disclosures

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Example of a Business Contingency Plan

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KBA is one of the largest independent TPA’s in the United States, with over employees and 2, corporate customers. American Health Data Institute (AHDI), is KBA’s Population Health Management subsidiary, which developed the PHMP. (a) Each member must create and maintain a written business continuity plan identifying procedures relating to an emergency or significant business disruption.

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An information broker business is a labor-intensive business that offers strong income potential and high-income growth. This business can be started for as low as $5, or as high as $20, depending on your range of services, equipment and data sources.

Metro Business Advisors is a boutique firm located in St. Louis, Missouri that provides services to small business owners looking to sell their business confidentially for the most profitable selling price.

More Information. Learn more about Alliance and how we can fuel the growth of your business. Our mission is "To be the premier one stop comprehensive commercial finance company of choice to small and mid-size businesses".

Information broker business plan
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