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Our next business plan (2020-2025)

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Business Plan process

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Ofwat unveils five-year business plan

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Our Business Plan to Every five years, all water companies are required to submit a Business Plan to Ofwat, the economic regulator. On 3 Septemberwe submitted our Business Plan, detailing our proposals for the years – The water industry watchdog today warned plans to turn Yorkshire Water into a not-for-profit company must be proved to be in consumers' interests.

Sir Ian Byatt, the director general of Ofwat. CH2M industrial water experts to share wastewater treatment findings and strategies at International Water Conference September 29, Industrial water leaders from CH2M will share their expertise in the industrial water field at the International Water Conference on November 12 – 16 in Orlando, Florida.

Irish Water Business Plan | 5 To transform our water services, Irish Water, guided by its parent Ervia, has developed a seven year business plan with the overriding objective of delivering a.

Severn Trent Water | Page 8Our business plan for | Stakeholder consultation Affordability Delivering improvements in drinking water quality and the environment Ofwat will review our business plan and set out its determination of the prices we can charge from to Market Profile: The water market in England and Wales to Ofwat, and will allow water companies to think in a much broader way about complying with help define its business plan and open the door for all suppliers at an early stage to work towards best solutions.

Water business plan ofwat
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